Corspat: Build Your Own Path

Corspat: Build Your Own Path

From Concept to Reality: The Journey of Corspat

On August 7, 2021, I embarked on an exciting personal project called Corspat. This web application was developed as the culmination of my efforts in CS50's Introduction to Computer Science course. Corspat aims to revolutionize online learning and time management by providing a comprehensive solution for managing online courses and tracking study time in one place.

Key Highlights:

  • Combining Course Management and Time Tracking: Corspat was born out of the need to streamline the process of managing online courses and tracking study time. I wanted to create a platform that eliminates the need for multiple tools and platforms, providing a centralized solution for learners.

  • Seamless Integration of Technologies: Corspat utilizes a range of technologies to deliver its functionality. From web scraping with Beautiful Soup to extract course information, to implementing a stopwatch feature using JavaScript, Corspat leverages the power of Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, and other libraries to create a seamless user experience.

  • Motivation and Support: Recognizing the challenges that learners often face, Corspat includes a "Motivation" page with resources such as motivational quotes and videos to keep users inspired and motivated. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section provides answers to common questions and ensures users have the support they need.

  • Deployment and Scalability: Deploying Corspat presented its own set of challenges, particularly in managing the ephemeral filesystem of the hosting platform. However, by leveraging technologies like Heroku and PostgreSQL, I was able to overcome these obstacles and ensure a reliable and scalable solution.

Accessing the Project:

  • GitHub Repository: You can access the GitHub repository for Corspat through this link: Feel free to explore the code and contribute to the project.

  • Website: To experience Corspat firsthand, visit the website through this link: Create an account, build your own path, and take control of your online learning journey.

Conclusion: Corspat is the result of my dedication to learning, technology, and efficient time management. By creating a platform that combines course management and time tracking, I strive to empower learners to take charge of their online learning journey. With Corspat, learners have the opportunity to chart their own path to success.

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