Gamifying Your Life: A Fun Approach to Task Management

Exploring the World of Gamified Productivity Tools


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Welcome to a world where your daily tasks are as exciting as a video game! Yes, you heard it right. We are about to initiate a journey that will transform your life into a game, or more precisely, a sequence of games. But don't worry, this isn't about playing Candy Crush or Fortnite. This is about creating a system that helps you manage your life, work, and personal goals in a fun and engaging way.

The Concept of Gamifying Your Life

The concept of gamifying your life is not new. It's been around for a while, but it's only recently that it's gained popularity. The idea is to break down your tasks into small, manageable pieces, similar to how you would break down a complex software problem. This approach, known as "The Compound Effect", has been a game-changer for me as a human being first, then as a software developer. It's all about taking on small challenges and building momentum, rather than trying to tackle a big challenge all at once.

My Journey with Habitica and Google Productivity Tools

I first discovered the concept of gamifying your life with Habitica back in 2015. It was a fun and engaging platform that helped me build habits. However, I soon reached the limit of the platform and decided to explore other options. That's when I turned to Google's productivity tools, specifically Tasks and Calendar.

Google Tasks and Calendar are grounded in reality (so to speak) and are easy to use. They allow you to set repeating events per week or month, which is very beneficial for maintaining consistency. I found them more helpful than Habitica, as they were more aligned with my real-life schedule.

The Power of Habits

Now, let's talk about the power of habits. Habits are the backbone of our lives. They shape our behaviors, our thoughts, and our actions. They can be good or bad, depending on what we choose to do. But the good news is, habits can be formed and unformed. So, the power of habits lies in our hands.

Gamifying Your Life: A Practical Example

Let's take a practical example to understand how we can gamify our lives. Suppose you want to:

  • Take vitamins daily to maintain a healthy diet and prevent diseases.

  • Listen to your favorite tech podcast weekly to stay updated on industry trends.

  • Exercise thrice-weekly to maintain a healthy body and prevent back pain.

  • Write on your blog bi-weekly to improve your writing skills and share your experiences.

  • Read WIRED magazine monthly to stay informed about tech advancements.

You can set these tasks in your Google Calendar and use Google Tasks to track your progress. To make it more engaging, you can use emojis to represent each task. For example:

  • πŸ’Š Vitamines

  • πŸŽ™οΈ The Changelog

  • 🀸🏼 Core Workout

  • ✍️ Write on your blog

  • πŸ“° Read the WIRED

You can find the right emoji for each task on Emojipedia.

The Final Touch

This will give you a visual representation of your tasks and help you stay on track. Remember, this is not a game in the traditional sense. It's about creating a routine that will eventually become a habit. So, don't overload your week and end up at the doctor's office.

Here's what your Google Calendar might look like with these tasks:

In this screenshot, you can see your tasks for the week, each represented by an emoji. This visual representation helps you keep track of your tasks and stay motivated.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. Gamifying your life is not about playing games. It's about creating a system that helps you manage your tasks and goals in a fun and engaging way. Remember, while this approach can be fun, it's important not to overload your schedule. Misuse and overload can lead to burnout and health issues. So, let's keep it balanced and enjoy the journey of gamifying your life!

🎢 MUSIC BIT: The song "Robots Vs. Music" by AUTOMATICA is a fitting end to this article. This electronic track blends robotic sounds with a catchy melody, encapsulating the essence of managing tasks and goals in a fun and engaging way. The song's title, "Robots Vs. Music", symbolizes the use of technology to enhance our lives, much like how we would use a game to manage our tasks and goals.

AUTOMATICA, a duo known for their unique blend of electronic music and visual art, often explores themes of technology and the human experience. Their music provides a fitting soundtrack to the journey of managing tasks and goals in a fun and engaging way.

That said, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We'll be back in two weeks with more music and articles! See ya! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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