The Reliable Diskpart Method for Formatting USB OS on Windows

How Diskpart Can Help You Format USB OS on Windows Easily and Effectively

A USB Operating System, also known as a bootable USB drive, is a USB flash drive that contains a complete operating system. It's like a "Windows10_USB" or "Ubuntu_USB". These drives are used to install an operating system on a computer without needing to install it from a DVD or CD. They are often used for tasks like creating a bootable USB for installing a new operating system, or for creating a portable version of an operating system for use on multiple computers.

Why the Diskpart Method?

I've had my fair share of struggles with Disk Management when it comes to formatting USB OS drives. The tool has failed me on multiple occasions, leaving me with no other option but to resort to Linux to achieve my goal. This is where the 'diskpart' command line tool comes in.

Formatting a USB OS Drive with Diskpart

The diskpart command line tool in Windows is a powerful tool that can securely erase a USB drive. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Open the Command Prompt. You can do this by searching for cmd in the Start menu.

  2. Once the Command Prompt is open, type the following command to launch the diskpart tool and press Enter:

  1. List the disks connected to the computer by typing the following command and then pressing Enter:
list disk
  1. Identify the number of the disk you want to clean, then type the following command, replacing # with the number of the disk you identified above:
select disk #
  1. To completely wipe the selected disk's partition table, type the following command and then press Enter:

This command will completely wipe the disk, so be sure you have any important files backed up.

Using Third-Party Software

If you prefer to use a third-party software, you can use a program like Eraser. With Eraser installed, you can right-click a drive in Windows Explorer, point to "Eraser", and select "Erase" to erase it.

Remember, these methods will completely erase all data on the USB drive, so make sure you have a backup of any important files before proceeding.


In conclusion, the diskpart tool is a reliable and powerful method for formatting USB OS drives on Windows. It's a tool that can be trusted to get the job done, even when other methods fail. If you've found this guide helpful, I encourage you to explore my other articles that delve into a variety of topics, from AI and management to music and more. Each article is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips, so don't hesitate to dive in and expand your knowledge. I hope you find these articles as useful as I do. Happy reading!

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